4 Indispensable Android Apps For Webmasters

No matter what line of work you’re in, having an Android smartphone or tablet can help a lot – you can even replace your laptop or desktop computer with them! System administrators and webmasters are just one great example of a profession that can benefit greatly from being able to work on the go – there are literally thousands of apps on the iTunes and Google Play stores catering to this category.

But the OS of choice for most developers is of course, Android, and that’s why I’ve prepared a list of some of the best apps for the platform that webmasters and server admins will find useful:

Powerful Webmaster Tools

If you’re in charge of managing a website and making sure it looks properly to both humans and robots and ranks well in Google and Bing search results, you can definitely make use of Powerful Webmaster Tools – a pack of tools for any webmaster and Internet marketer. You can use it to view PageRank information, see the number of pages indexed in search engines, view Alexa stats, Facebook and Twitter stats, manage a monthly budget, and much more.


ConnectBot is pretty much the best SSH client for Android, with all the features you may need and a nice clean user interface. You can manage several parallel sessions, create secure tunnels for other apps, and copy and paste text between different sessions. The app is open source and completely free, which of course adds to its advantages.


AndFTP was one of the first and is still pretty much the most popular FTP client for Android. It supports FTP, SFTP, FTPS and SCP – pretty much all of the popular protocols in use today. You can do pretty much everything you’d imagine for an FTP client – download and upload files, sync folders and files, change permissions, and more. The app also supports SSH RSA/DSA keys if you need extra security. A must have for any webmaster or server administrator.


If you need to edit any kind of code on the go, DroidEdit is the best choice you can make for a text/code editor for Android. The app has support for syntax highlighting in almost every popular language, unlimited undo and redo, easy search and replace, support for SFTP, Dropbox and SSH and more. The main version (without SFTP, Dropbox, SSH, root mode support and custom themes) is also completely free, so you really have no excuse for not trying it out.

If you’re in charge of managing a server, website, social profile or even data center, be sure to check out the above apps – they can come in very handy in emergencies, as well as every day work. If you’ve just discovered the wonderful world of Android apps, I’m sure your work will never be the same again.

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