Buying Online Real Estate (Websites) On A Credit Card


Usually when people think of credit cards, they think about money going out. They think about expenses. In reality, a credit card is basically a neutral tool. It can help you do things that are either negative or positive for your personal net worth. You have the freedom to choose. But rather than using your credit card to buy things like clothes,  you can also use it to buy websites.

The benefit of buying websites on a credit card is that you don’t need any money up front, and this expense will actually produce you enough money to pay back the credit card, plus interest, plus profit.

Online real estate properties

If you ever wanted to get into the real estate business, you would see that there is a lot of money to be made. There is a huge margin of money to be made. Many people make 10%, 20% or even 30% profit just by flipping real estate. Well, guess what, you can make more money doing it with online real estate.

I am talking about websites. It is a very standard formula. You just need to buy low and sell high. There are many websites on the internet that make decent money but their owners don’t know what they have. What you need to do is to find where these websites are, contact their owners, buy them for a low price and then look for buyers that can actually appreciate their real values. Your profit is the difference between the buying price and the selling price. It is that simple.

Buy cheap websites that make money

This is extremely important. You have to buy websites that really make money. There are many websites that are otherwise or those are not worth much. You have to verify their income. You can do this in many ways. One way is to do this indirectly by gauging the traffic of the website and ask for documentation from the seller. There are many websites out there like wherein many people are trying to sell websites on. You have to be careful. Some of them are scammers. So don’t be taken by their fake income verification information.

If you buy a website that makes $100 per month, then verify that it has been making $100 per month for at least a year. If it has, then you can feel comfortable that it will continue to earn that much. If a site has just one or two months of verified income, it may have just gotten a boost from Google or purchased traffic and as soon as it comes it can also go. So do your due diligence when buying cheap income producing websites.

Find the right places to sell

If you are trying to sell your website, you need to find a place that is not so saturated. There are many sophisticated buyers in certain places who will lowball you all day. You need to find certain forums, Facebook groups or Linkedin groups where people can give you the right price for what you are selling. You have to keep looking and don’t sell to the first offer you get if you don’t want to be deceived.

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