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How To Start Making More Money


How often do you say to yourself that you should be making more money? Do you feel disappointed by the fact that you can’t afford many of the things you want? Do you feel you should be at a higher […]

Delegate Repetitive Tasks To Others


When you run a business, your job is not to micromanage or do everything on your own. At the beginning, yes you are the one who finances the company, creates the products and sells them. But as you grow you […]

Adapt Or Die, Netflix vs. Blockbuster


Adapt or die. This holds true for living things on Earth and applies to businesses as well. We see no greater example of this than with Netflix and Blockbuster. For years Blockbuster dominated the video rental market. But as the […]

Freelance Work, Hourly Rate Or Flat Fee?


I’d like to discuss a question that was posed to me recently.. I’m a freelance web developer. Should I be charging clients by the hour or by the project? Here was my response. I suggest you charge by the project. […]

The Money Is In The Repeat Customer


While making money out of a one-time sale is good, you’ll make substantially more money by getting repeat customers, good reviews and referrals. Here’s what you can do to ensure you make as much as possible out of your existing […]

How To Profit Even During A Bad Economy


During good economic times sales come easy. But when times are tough it’s harder to make a profit. You might have to start spending more on advertising to make the same you made before. Your profit margins shrink during a […]