Hiring A Good Web Designer

Running a business is a huge undertaking. You’ve got products and customers to worry about. Now you want to have your own website on top of that. Instead of trying to learn everything on your own it might be wise if you just hire someone to do it for you. Here are some tips on how you can choose the right web designer for your business.

  • Check their portfolio. These are their references. See if their style fits the kind of theme you’re looking for.
  • Compare prices. Prices for a web design vary widely. See if you’re getting what you pay for.
  • Pay only once. Do try and only pay a one time fee for the design of your website. Some will want to charge you a monthly fee for the “upkeep” of your site. They say they will update it for you. Instead, have them create a website for you that you can edit yourself later.
  • Get the source files. Ask for the PSD files so you have the originals. This is important in case you ever want your site design edited again. This way you can give these files to your next web designer or just do it yourself.
  • Customer service. During the pre-sale questions you have for them, see how fast they respond. Do they answer all of your questions in a timely fashion? This is a big deal when deciding on the right web designer.
  • Experience. Are you hiring a one man operation that just started? Or is this a larger company with many years experience. Take this into account.
  • Testimonials. Do some research on the company you’re considering hiring. See if they have positive testimonials.

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