Creating Your First Site For Free

Should you create a free website? For beginners, the answer is yes. This site is only being done as practice, before you start spending money on your next website. So where do you start? The easiest kind of website to create is a blog. You can get one at or The signup process is fast and easy. There are free themes that you can choose to change the look and feel of your site. There’s a post box where you can write your blog posts. It’s the same as writing an email.

What about traffic? To promote your free blog you can post on other blogs. Remember to add something to the discussion and add your name and url. You can become a guest writer. This is where you offer to write a post on someone else’s blog. You can also offer to exchange links with other blogs similar to yours. Do remember to update often. This will help you attract readers and even rank better with Google. They love sites that are full of text and update often.

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