Do Little Things For Good Google Rankings

One of the best types of traffic to get is search engine traffic from the organic search results. It’s free and you’re getting a qualified visitor searching for the content that’s on your site. So how can you get your site to the top? Yes it’s about on page optimization, yes it’s about quality backlinks, but there’s also other things which factor into the equation. Here’s a short list of other things you can do to get good google rankings.

  • Domain age. An older domain will outrank a newer one. If you think buying an old domain will help you, not so fast, make sure that there’s been a site on the domain the whole time. Use the wayback machine at for that.
  • Hosting. A domain with a dedicated hosting plan will outrank one hosted on a virtual host. Reason being that dedicated hosting is much more expensive. Thus it shows you’re more serious about your site.
  • Expiration date. A domain that has been registered for 10 years will outrank a domain registered for 1 year. Google believes that a domain you register for 1 year is more likely to be used for spam / blackhat seo than a domain registered for a long time.
  • Speed. The faster loading site will outrank the slower site.

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