Get More Google Traffic In 2012

The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. The same holds true for blogging. As bloggers we spend a lot of time creating fresh unique content, whether it’s articles or videos or images. We dedicate a lot of resources to these tasks. However at the end of the day if we don’t have enough traffic it all doesn’t matter. Here are two blogging tips that will help you get more traffic from Google in 2012.

1. Keep your ears to the ground

If you want to be a leading blogger you have to stay informed. My favorite of all time is using the Google keyword tool. Let’s be honest Google is king in our field. After the government there is no other higher authority on the planet. Google keyword tool tracks all the latest trends and fads going on. Let’s say your blogging about how to lose weight. Head over to the Google keyword tool and type in lose weight. One of the first things that pop’s up is the term how to lose weight the healthy way. This would be a great subject to blog about. It would give your listeners something new and something interesting to read. Since this term appeared first, it also lets you know that this term is the most highly sought after, and that a lot of people are seeking information about it. You can also check Google trends for more hot information.

2. Think outside the box when promoting your blog.

Today a lot of bloggers still follow the same old blogging tips like guest blogging. I’m not saying this isn’t effective. However every other blogger is doing it as well. So my question to you is how really effective can it be? A cool way I found to effectively promote my blog is through content sharing. No I’m not talking about Squidoo or Hubpages. I’m talking about websites like or

Two things make these sites hot for bloggers. Google loves content sharing sites. Say your blogging about business. If you submit an article about business at, believe it or not that article will rank faster than if you post it at a article directory or if you posted it on someone else’s blog. No one really knows why Google loves these types of content sharing sites. Another cool thing about content sharing sites is that the material stays on the websites for years. So if you leave a link back to your site, you will receive years of free quality traffic. Content sharing websites have the most targeted traffic on the internet. Targeted traffic means more money for you in the end.

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