How To Increase Your Feed Subscribers

Having a lot of feed subscribers is important because it alters the price you can ask from your advertisers. It’s also important because subscribers are most likely going to be the ones who come back to your site often. Finally, subscribers are the ones who are most likely to buy something from you, as you have built up trust with them. Now on to the list of methods you can implement to increase your RSS feed subscribers.

  • Ask them to subscribe. If you want someone to do something, you can ask them to. You can place a message near the top of your blog asking them to subscribe to keep up with updates.
  • Use an email box. It’s much easier to subscribe via email than it is to input the feed url into a feed reader.
  • E-Mail signatures. Put a link to your blog at the bottom of each of your emails. This way you’re advertising your blog every single time you send an email.
  • Comment on blogs. Go to the blogs that are popular in your niche. Comment on those blogs. Those who read and comment on those blogs are those who would be most likely to subscribe to your blog.

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