I Installed WordPress, Now What?

This post is intended for those who are new to blogging. So you’re at the point where you’ve installed wordpress and can now begin adding posts. But there’s a few things you should do first before promoting your blog. It’s not ready yet. Here’s the list..

  • Change your blog theme. You don’t have to purchase a theme, but just don’t use the default theme. You want to show your potential readers you care about the look of your site. If I visit a site with the default theme still on, I usually leave before even reading anything.
  • Get a gravatar. A gravatar is an image (an avatar) that appears beside your name when you comment on other blogs.
  • Create About Me and Contact pages. Use a contact form plugin and insert it into your Contact page to make it easy for potential advertisers, visitors and other bloggers to send you a message.
  • Upload a favicon. A favicon is a small image that appears next to your url in the address bar of a browser. It’s useful because when your site is bookmarked the image is also displayed in the user’s favorites. You create a 50×50 px image and rename it favicon.ico. You can then upload this image at the root of your site and it will automatically be displayed.
  • Change your permalink structure. I use /%postname%/ for this blog.
  • Plugins. Install Askimet to combat comment spam, a plugin for social bookmarking, a sitemap plugin, a cache plugin and an seo plugin.

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