Profiting From Your Blog

So you created a blog because you wanted to earn some additional income. Perhaps you wanted to quit your day job. But you’ve been blogging for a few months and have yet to see any good results yet. This is a common thing that happens to people every single day. Here are some tips to help you profit from your blog.

  • Be patient. It takes time. Profiting from your blog is not a get right quick scheme.
  • Update. Blogs are not just a build and forget it scheme. They need to be updated often with useful information.
  • Advertisements. Don’t clutter your blog with a bunch of ads. Research has proven that whether there are 2 ads or 8 ads on a page, the odds of having one clicked does not increase.
  • Be passionate. Don’t be boring with your writing. Love what you’re doing and it will show in your writing.
  • Monetize your site. Find alternate ways of generating revenue from your blog. You could sell blog posts, ad spots and text links to companies or other bloggers. You could offer a product that you created like a package of videos offering tips on your subject. Finally you can sell products offered by affiliate programs.

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