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“Success leaves footprints.”

We have probably all heard that Booker T. Washington quote. Tony Robbins says it similarly when he says:”Success leaves clues.” So are we paying attention? Who are we listening to? We can all be successful. But, we need to want it bad enough to overcome all the obstacles that surely will block our path, or send us backwards, or derail us and we must learn to ignore the words echoing in our ears telling us we can’t be successful.

Who are your mentors? Who do you surround yourself with each day? Do you have a productive ritual to start the day? Do you listen to people who have accomplished what you are striving to achieve? We are blessed to be able to do this by reading books. We can also choose a group of 5 or 7 people and see what they have to say each morning on Facebook to inspire us. We can search for and listen to inspirational youtube videos. Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” If your desire is to make money or if your desire is to become really good at what you desire to do, maybe this video helps you see some common threads to your path of success.

Millionaire Success Rules

1. Love what you do! Have passion!
2. Never ever give up. Find a way.
3. You must overcome the inevitable rejection and keep moving forward. Find ways to be inspired.
4. Persistence and perseverance are requirements. Ignore the naysayers.
5. Dream big dreams! Believe in yourself!
6. Stay focused! Shiny ball syndrome and “new opportunities” are distractions.
7. Go for it! Just do it! Take action!

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon dot com put it this way…Project yourself to age 80 and then think back over your life and minimize the number of regrets you have throughout your life. Rarely does anyone say I really regret working out today. Personally, I have had some awesome successes in businesses I started. I have had way more failures. I surely don’t regret any of those I believed in going in, the successes or the failures. I do regret pursuing some businesses my heart wasn’t in…ones I started just to make money or maybe circumstances seemingly forced me into that particular business and in those attempts I lost interest and wasn’t able to persevere. But, even in all those business failures there were valuable lessons learned. They were absolutely stepping stones to my successes. The documented

number one regret

of those people dying is that they never pursued their dreams and aspirations.
Follow the footprints to millionaire success! Take Action!!

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