The Basics On How To Get A Website Online

If you want your business to have an online presence, a website is a necessity. So how do you go about in getting your business online? Here’s a short guide on the basics on what you need to do to create your website.

  • Domain. Go to (or, and buy a domain name. The cost is just under $10 per year.
  • Hosting. Go to a hosting provider such as or and purchase a small hosting plan. Prices for a beginner plan start at about $5 per month.
  • Create your website. You can have a blog using the WordPress software or create a site using a website creation program.
  • Advertising. Nobody will know about your site if you don’t advertise it. This costs money so don’t purchase advertising unless your site can convert the traffic into paying customers.
  • Be social. Once you have your website established, create accounts at the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This way you can share your content with your visitors and they can in turn share it with their friends as well. This can really make your products spread virally.

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