Top 10 Link Building Tips

Like it or not, one of the factors used in Google Rankings is on a websites’ backlink quality and quantity. So how can you get more inbound links to your site? Here is my top 10 link building tips.

  1. Write good content. When you compose informative posts, others will naturally link to it.
  2. Encourage sharing. Remind your readers to share your post. It doesn’t hurt to ask.
  3. Be interesting. Boring posts rarely are shared. Write compelling titles. Be bold.
  4. Use superlatives such as “Top 10 Link Building Tips”
  5. Create a list such as “55 Twitter Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make”
  6. Write about others. When they notice they may return the favor later.
  7. Guest posting. Offer to write a custom post on blogs similar to yours. Add a link back to your site in the author bio section.
  8. Comment on blogs. Even though your comment may be “nofollow”, it’s still a backlink.
  9. Directories. Submit your site in the appropriate category.
  10. Link exchanges. Contact fellow bloggers in your niche and ask to trade links with them.

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