What Is Web Development All About?

What is web development? Web development is the work that is involved in developing a website. This includes anything from web design, content creation, ecommerce development and the internal coding of a website. Luckily for all of us web development is not as hard as it used to be. Back in the infancy of the web one had to know programming languages like HTML, PHP and JavaScript in order to create a good website.

However nowadays with very little technical knowledge someone can create their own site. There are places that will let you create your own blog for free like wordpress.com and blogspot.com. What this has meant to the web development landscape is less demand for jobs in this industry and more competition. But it’s still true that experts in web development can still create websites that outrank the newer free hosted blogs.

So how can you climb to the top? You’ll need to read and learn more about web development. Some topics to tackle are web design, graphic design and online marketing. If you have some knowledge in this fields as well as the dedication to see it through, you can also have as much success as seasoned web developers do.

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