Why Your New Blog Is Going To Fail

Thousands of blogs are started every single day. But if you check back in a year or two, how many will still be updating? Check back a few years after that and you’ll find that only a small number of them will be considered successful. So why do so many blogs fail? Here’s my short list..

  • They think it’s a get rich quick scheme. Blogging for profit takes time.
  • It’s not their passion. When they start a blog about a topic they’re not really interested in, they’ll quickly lose interest and stop updating.
  • They analyze too much. It’s called analysis paralysis. They check stats, pagerank, alexa rank and obsess about it.
  • They try and make money instead of building a community. A blog is like a mini social networking site, the goal is to create a community of readers who comment on your blog and add to the discussion. Don’t place too many ads or have a lot of sponsored posts.
  • They give up too easy. Success at blogging does not come overnight. It can take up to a year for you to start getting some good google rankings.

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