6 Great Ideas For Hot Mobile Apps


If you are thinking of ways to leverage mobile apps to promote your business, build current customer loyalty, and turn your current users into promoters, you need great app feature ideas. These features ensure that more people will find your app useful. The more they use your app, the more you brand them, the higher the chance they will share your content with their friends and family on social network sites.

Buying Online Real Estate (Websites) On A Credit Card


Usually when people think of credit cards, they think about money going out. They think about expenses. In reality, a credit card is basically a neutral tool. It can help you do things that are either negative or positive for your personal net worth. You have the freedom to choose. But rather than using your credit card to buy things like clothes,  you can also use it to buy websites.

3 Self Employment Myths – Debunked


Who wouldn’t want to be self-employed? Who wouldn’t appreciate getting up as late as you want for work? Who wouldn’t like calling it a day at 8AM and head straight to the beach? Who wouldn’t dig going on long vacations in Hawaii or Southeast Asia’s beaches? The truth is, everyone can appreciate the freedom, convenience, and fun of having your own business and working for yourself. With that said, few people can handle the hassles that go with self-employment.

3 Ways To Save On Startup Business Costs


Setting up a startup business is probably one of the most exciting things you can do. Nothing beats putting everything aside for a dream. It really pushes you to deliver your personal best. It really pushes you to sacrifice for your  passion.

However romantic this picture may be, you still have to live in reality. This, of course, means having to hassle with the everyday reality of having to pay the rent, meet payroll, and spend money on business costs.

5 Ways To Create A Winning Pitch


Whether you’re a professional in the marketing field or a home-based entrepreneur, you’re likely going to need to market yourself or your product to get the world out. This is where professional marketers have the advantage because they have been taught how to successfully package and display a product to get the interest of the target audience.

Online Business Advice For Newbies


The internet seems like a great place to make money. People who venture out into the world of cyberspace to try and make their way are known as internet entrepreneurs. These individuals range from high school drop outs to multi-millionaires that are trying to make money and pursue a hobby.