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Avoiding The Dreaded Duplicate Content Penalty


It’s widely known that Google isn’t a fan of duplicate content. If someone posts an article and a few months later it’s copied by 10 other sites, Google will try and find the most credible source and only display that […]

Why Your New Blog Is Going To Fail


Thousands of blogs are started every single day. But if you check back in a year or two, how many will still be updating? Check back a few years after that and you’ll find that only a small number of […]

How To Increase Your Feed Subscribers


Having a lot of feed subscribers is important because it alters the price you can ask from your advertisers. It’s also important because subscribers are most likely going to be the ones who come back to your site often. Finally, […]

I Installed WordPress, Now What?


This post is intended for those who are new to blogging. So you’re at the point where you’ve installed wordpress and can now begin adding posts. But there’s a few things you should do first before promoting your blog. It’s […]

Adding Images To Your Blog Comments


A gravatar is an image that appears beside your name when you comment on other blogs. This helps your comment stand out. This is another opportunity to brand your image on the blog of others. With a gravatar you also […]

Top 10 Link Building Tips


Like it or not, one of the factors used in Google Rankings is on a websites’ backlink quality and quantity. So how can you get more inbound links to your site? Here is my top 10 link building tips. Write […]