Making Your Visitors Stick Around

A sticky website is one in which your visitors hang around at your site for a long time. An even stickier website is one in which they keep coming back to it. This blog post will detail some tips on how you can create a site that makes your visitors stick around for a while.

  • Get a unique design. Make your site unforgettable. You can have a small logo created for you. It can be a mascot or something that makes them remember your site. This is called branding.
  • Be user friendly. Have easy navigation. Give them plenty of options on where to click. Mention previous posts within your current posts. Have a list of the most popular posts. Give them categories, archives and tags. The more internal links the better.
  • Update often. You don’t have to update every day, but doing it weekly sounds about right. Do posts in parts. End the first post by saying “stay tuned for part 2 next week”. If television shows do this, why shouldn’t you?
  • Track it. How do you know if you have a sticky website? Install Google Analytics. Look at the following statistics: time on the site and bounce rate. If your visitors are staying at your site for less than a minute, it’s not a sticky site. If more than 50% of your visitors are bouncing away and going somewhere else, it’s not a sticky site.

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