Internet Marketing 101

According to Wikipedia the definition of internet marketing, is to sale or market your goods over the internet. The latest studies suggest that in 20 years 80% of all commerce will be located over the internet. This means if you own a business you better learn about internet marketing.

The most crucial aspect of internet marketing is finding your targeted market. It’s the old law of supply and demand. If there is no demand there is no money. If you screw up this part your IM days will be numbered. The first question a lot of beginners ask is how do I find a thriving market?  A lot of gurus say go to Google trends or Ebay pulse to find what the hot markets are. This works, however remember there are thousands of other internet marketers using this method. One hot way I found to find what is hot is using Yahoo answer.

Yahoo answer is a question and answer service that Yahoo established a few years ago. People go there to find where to locate products or to find the answer to whatever aliment they have. Before you head over to Yahoo answer to find a good market, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what are the problems or things you need in your life? Say you need to find something that cures back pain? You would head over to Yahoo answer and type in “What is the best thing for back pains?” After you type this in you want to sort the answers by recent activity. Internet marketing is all about what is the newest and hottest thing on the block. You don’t what to use answers that date back years ago.

Okay next we want to find the answer that was voted the best answer. Usually the best answer is the hottest new craze in back treatment ailments. Your next step in internet marketing is to find an affiliate that sale’s whatever the cure is for that problem. If it is a back problem is could be anything from a special pillow for people with back problems or an e-book on how to relieve back pains.

The truth is the gurus in internet marketing have one trick. They say on top of what is new and what maybe hot in the next couple of months. One of the most overlooked sources for new markets is your very own family. Teenagers are the bell weather of internet marketing. They stay up on what’s the latest gadgets and news that’s happening around the web. The best way to find a cool market is to just ask your kids what’s hot. I made a lot of money using this exact technique (by asking my daughter) to find out that the hello kitty pillow was going to be a big hit this year.

Internet marketing is not that tough if you use the pointers I have suggested above. You also must practice common sense.  Internet marketing can be a rewarding field if you market what’s hot and stay away from what’s not.

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