The Money Is In The Repeat Customer

While making money out of a one-time sale is good, you’ll make substantially more money by getting repeat customers, good reviews and referrals. Here’s what you can do to ensure you make as much as possible out of your existing customers. You might make a $5 sale, but that customer could generate much more than that if they purchase from you again and even more if they recommend your product/services to their friends.

  • Have a rewards program. Establish a system where the customer gets 1 point per dollar spent. Points can then be redeemed for free items. Reward your loyal customers, they deserve it.
  • If your company is too small for a rewards program, you can still reward your customers. After a sale is made, include a coupon code offering 10% off on their next order in the order confirmation email.
  • Have an email list. Send a newsletter with coupons and new product releases. Separate this list into previous customers and into non paying customers. You do this by having a public email box and a separate list of customer emails that you get during the checkout process. This way you can tailor your newsletter better.
  • Protect your online presence. Scour the web for reviews of your company. In order for a customer to make a purchase they¬† need to trust you. A way of doing this online is by looking at your online reputation. The best way to keep the complaints and bad reviews down is to deliver a good product and good customer service.

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