What Makes A Good eCommerce Site

The creation of an ecommerce site, also called an online shop or an eshop, is different than the creation of a blog. The goals are different. In a blog you want to entice people to stay at your site, visit again, enjoy your content and then send them to an advertiser. With an ecommerce site the hard work of attracting a visitor to your “money site” is over. Now it’s time to convert them into a paid customer. Here are a few tips on how you can create a good looking ecommerce site.

  • Domain name. With an ecommerce site a domain name is key. The reason for this is because you have to build trust. Choose a .com domain and try not to have any dashes in the domain.
  • Design. The look and feel of an ecommerce site should be different than a blog. Make it look as professional as possible to build trust.
  • Navigation. At an ecommerce site the focus should be on displaying the products, offering a description, showing the price and a link to purchase.
  • Payments. Integrate a good payment processor into your website. Two of the most popular are 2Checkout, Google Checkout and Paypal. With each of these, your visitors can pay with a credit card, enter their shipping information and complete the purchase process. You in turn get an email with their information and the money deposited into your account (minus their commission of course).
  • Newsletter. Have a weekly or monthly newsletter letting your past customers know of new products you have in stock and of current specials going on.

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